Be there for over 3000 children with sick parents by directing 3.5% of your income tax.

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All lifes matter. A single gesture from a single person is able to turn around the life of a  vulnerable human being, just the same as the inaction can keep it in jeopardy.

Supported by the generosity of all the good people, for the past 9 years, Fundația Inovații Sociale Regina Maria has been alongside more than 2500 ill persons finding themselves in terrifying life situations, people without income and without medical insurances, by offering them quality integrated services, free of charge, and allowing them the right to a decent life.


“ By directing 3.5% from your income tax we can offer medical services to these men and women, helping them get back on their feet and grant them with one more day alongside their children. Health is not a pledge for anyone, especially not for those who don`t have access to a medical service other than the emergency service. And when on these people depend thousands of children, the situation becomes even more dramatic”, states Cristiana Mateoiu, Executive Director of the Foundation.


Diana is a 9 year old little girl with a piercing look, as of a grown-up, that seems to read deep down into your soul. She is one of the thousand charity cases that Fundația Inovații Sociale Regina Maria supports.

Despite being so young and fragile she has a dramatic life story, but instead of bringing her down, this helped her become a pillar for her peers, just because she experienced herself what it means to be poor, sick and distressed.

Diana does anything a 9 year old girl can do to help her mother be happy: she`s a good student, washes the dishes, keeps the house clean, prepares meals and takes care of her two cousins. The girl is a 3rd grade student at Dinu Lipatti high school and studies the violin, following on her mother’s footsteps, who used to be a music teacher. Diana lives only with her mother and her two cousins, of which her mother takes care as well, in a house that has been recently claimed and that will no longer be a home for them, as they are going to be evicted soon.

„‘When mom is well, I`m not afraid of anything: not of the fact that we will not have money to buy fire wood, nor that we`ll be thrown out of our home. I am afraid only when my mother is sick.’

Mrs. Carmen, Diana’s mother, suffers from arterial hypertension stage 3 with high risk, type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy with hands and legs paresthesia, and in the absence of mandatory medical treatment there is a high risk she could suffer from a heart attack or a stroke, in other words, her life could be in danger.

Everything is just for her. If we lose this house, I pray to God help us find a place to stay, from where she can go to school and continue to study violin. The only way I am able to get out of bed is if I take permanent treatment, which I cannot afford, because I do not have an income or medical insurance. My only chance to live to see Diana grow up is Baba Novac Social Clinic, where I go every month for 4 years now and, I can honestly say, it saved my life.”, says with a heavy heart Diana’s mother.


How can you help?

  • Fill in the Form 230


  • Any individual with an employment contract during 2019
  • Retirees with pensions over 2000 RON
  • Self-employeed individuals with independent activities on income norm (IT, lawyers, accountants, nurses, etc)

Download the Form 230 from [HERE], fill it and send it to ANAF or to our office: Strada Gârlei 88, sector 1, Bucuresti in attention of Cristiana Mateoiu.


  • Fill in the Single declaration 212


  • Self-employeed individuals with independent activities (rentals, authorized person, etc)
  • On the single declaration 212 you must fill in the Foundation`s commercial data:

Name: Fundaţia CMU Regina Maria

Fiscal identification code: 27253331

IBAN Account: RO 70 RZBR 0000 0600 1278 5673

Downoad the ANAF Guide from [HERE] and find out how to fill in and send the Single Declaration 212.


Do you work / have a friend working in a company that you know is getting involved in social causes?

No matter how powerful the love of a child, it is not enough to cure her mother. Help them enjoy each other’s love for as long as possible!

You have time until May 25!


Do you wish to make an individual donation?

  • Direct donation in Fundatia CMU Regina Maria bank account: RO70RZBR000006001278573 , opened at RAIFFEISEN BANK SA, Bucharest agency.
  • Online donation on
  • SMS donation by sending “SOARTA” at 8844, for a monthly fee of 2 €.


Fundația Inovații Sociale Regina Maria is an NGO which offers a wide range of medical services, free of charge, for people without an income and without medical insurance and takes care, with the help of 15 employed teachers and volunteers, of 200 children coming from unfortunate families in the two educational centers of the foundation (Clinceni and Băneasa).


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